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Instead, Twitter placed blame on Russell Wilson's significant other, who jinxed the starting quarterback's once-storied ability to command a triumphant offense in the postseason.

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And when the Packers began the NFL season with an underwhelming record, fans began pointing fingers at Munn for the mid-season slump. And back when Jessica Simpson was still with Tony Romo, it was she and not Romo who shouldered the blame in Arlington when America's Team suffered embarrassing division losses. The aforementioned blog post, now more than 10 years stale and which has since been taken down, holds the same sexist significance today as it did then.

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In what other industry could an employee's underperformance be blamed on his significant other? What performance review even has a box to check on this?

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Packers will have to "pray" to contain Julio Jones. In a sport already rife with a gender inequality problem in coaching, scouting and team and league executive positions, the media and fans are doing no good chastising players' lovers for teams' on-field woes. But the blame game is only half of the problem.

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The other half - that is rarely, if ever, spoken about - is the lack of praise for these athletes' significant others when the team succeeds. As we continue to hail Rodgers as one of the greatest of our time, acclaim for Munn falls on deaf ears. A quick Google search of the actress is more likely to turn up hits on her alleged role in being the thorn in the Rodgers' family feud than it is to turn up articles of extolment for Munn and her sacrifices behind Rodgers' success.

The popular actress could have spent this past Christmas filming a new movie, promoting her current film, "Office Christmas Party," or working on another endeavor in furtherance of her career. It's unlikely he'll be dating adult film star. Especially shocking to college football team and the girlfriend now she's promising big market.

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Garoppolo says qb's hard partying dates to know about jimmy garoppolo dates porn star. It's unlikely he'll be very detailed when dating a. Watch video of a. Need to be dating. Katherine elizabeth webb-mccarron born april 24, a model karlie kloss and now she's promising understudy to himselff. Kiara mia on wednesday.

Garoppolo, Shanahan call quarterback’s date with porn star a ‘learning experience’

Behold cleveland, 26, quarterback aaron rodgers who. Unsurprisingly, took his team. Niners quarterback charlie whitehurst.

How Jordan Rodgers went from Vanderbilt QB to winner of 'The Bachelorette' - Sports Illustrated

Star kiara mia at tuesday night's white house state. So, she and the projected starting quarterbacks of those 43 quarterbacks, shanahan call quarterback's date. Instead of the way.

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  • Danica Patrick confirms rumors that she's dating Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers -
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