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Here is what I ran into, and granted most of my issues were with the make and model of my jeep, but I thought this might be helpful for others. First off, I have a Jeep Wrangler, when I installed the headlights with the anti-flicker attachment I found I had the opposite problem most people had. My lights went to high beam after about 10 minutes and stayed on high beam, so I did a little research and took off the anti-flicker device and the headlights work fine now.

I read somewhere that the devise is for to current models would I installed these on my 88' suzuki samurai.

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Havent wired in the running lights or turn signal yet but the headlights work great. I get asked about them at work all the time, where i got them, how much, if i installed them myself, etc. Driving at night no longer feels like I'm risking hitting a kamikaze deer if he jumps out and i dont see him in time. Holy cow, these are awesome! Was not sure if i would like these, but i really do.

They have dot and sae markings on them, so I'm guessing they are approved?

How To Wire After-Market Angel Eye/DRL Headlights & What's involved.

Saw some people saying no, But mine have the markings. Still have not figured out the halo wires, but it has rained every day, so maybe tonight i can map out how to make em work on my 07 jk. They also flickered like crazy until i contacted customer support. They are great and fast at getting back to you.

Adjusting Aim Of Headlights Once Installed

Sent me the fix for the flicker. Really love the lights.

I get positive comments all the time now. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. These halos lights are great. Having the ability to change the halo's color to ones like is amazing. Much better than my old, boring stock lights. My jeep is my favorite toy and this is a must have mod for a jeeper. They worked great and look even better. When you take off your headlights, you should make sure you place the light bulb carefully.

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Many times, the xenon HID bulbs or halogen bulbs can get burnt out if you get oil or fingerprint on it, so be very careful on this. Place your new projector headlights back. Some customer have reported an issue that the halo projector head lamps get foggy in areas that is highly humid.

The best way to avoid headlights get foggy is to dry out the inside of the headlights housing with a hair dryer, and reseal the edge using some silicon glue.

Halo Ring Angel Eye Headlights - Proper Installation

Take your clear silicone and squirt it where the sealant is. Try to make it as thick as a 0. Take your sweet time also, because you do NOT want a leak in your headlight. A little overflow when squishing the housings back together is fine. This step is not always necessary but we do recommend you to do so in order to prevent headlights get moisture inside.

Yet again, if you go to any professional auto shop, you should always ask them to do this for you as well. Placing the new headlights in is as straightforward as pulling it out, so if you are installing crystal headlights or projector headlights only, it is all done after you check the screw is tight and you fit light bulbs in. Jul 16, Member: Male Peoria, Arizona Vehicle: Will be buying mine in the next week.

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Mikeymyk11 , Jul 16, Mar 17, Member: Male Parsippany, NJ Vehicle: Reistlehr- , Jul 17, So these lights are actually bright? Because somewhere I read they weren't but I really want these.. Which ones would be brighter?

How to Wire Halo Lights

I want them blue.. Mikeymyk11 , Jul 17, Jan 11, Member: Male East Bay, CA. Jul 22, Member: Jim So Cal Vehicle: Magna Flow cat back exhaust. Tugboatdude , Jul 23, Mikeymyk11 , Jul 23, Jun 27, Member: Viet South Florida Vehicle: Blacked out is the way to go.